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Final Report on Report on Activities Delivered by GCI International Inc. Supporting the Development of a Codex Strategy 2023-26 for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Workshop Agenda
Day 1: 24 May 2023
1. Workshop Objectives
2. Importance of Codex Standard Setting Processes and Impacts on the Food Control System 
3. Activity – Priority Codex Committee Selection (Word Document)
4. Review of Recent Participation by Bangladesh at Codex Proceedings
Day 2: 25 May 2023
5. Participation in Codex Committees / Activities
6. Review of Codex Capacity – Bangladesh 
7. Future Directions – Areas of Investment: Towards a Comprehensive Codex Capacity Enhancement Roadmap
8. Best Practices in Operating Codex Programs
Other Deliverables:
9. Updated Codex Strategy 2023-26
10. Proposed Activities for Year 1
11. An Updated Prioritization of Codex Committees Resulting from Workshop Discussions.
12. Workshop Attendance Register.