The Foodregsci Group consists of companies specialized in food regulatory services based in North-America, Europe, Middle East and North Africa and the Asia Pacific regions.

The Group gathers experts from Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the Caribbean region and beyond, to provide expert food safety regulatory advice on diverse food regulatory areas.

The Group harnesses the expertise of senior food regulators from around the world to design and deliver relevant food regulatory training initiatives, including in areas pertaining to risk analysis and inspection systems.

Through its wide network of experts, the Group is committed to propagating best food regulatory practices as part of food safety capacity building programs.


To design, develop and propagate best food regulatory practices.


To be a leading global advisor on food regulatory science.

Core Values

Collaboration, Engagement and Reliability.


Food Control

The design and operation of food control systems, including RA, compliance and enforcement.

Standard Setting

The design and operation of food standard setting programs.


The design and operation of e-management systems used in food regulatory operations.

Food Inspection

The design and operation of food inspection programs.

Import & Export

The design and operation of food import and export control systems.

Incident Management

The design and operation of food incident management programs.

Emergency Response

The design and operation of food emergency response systems.

Education & Training

F2F and online training on various facets of risk analysis (RA, RM, RC) and food regulatory science.

Codex Programs

The design and operation of National Codex structures and programs.

Business Processes

The design and operation of food regulatory business process mapping.

ICT Tools & Apps

The design and development of Information and Communication Tools (ICT) and applications

New & Novel Areas

We are proactive - continually expanding our services to address your needs.

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Food regulatory science, centered on food safety, applied in collaboration with all stakeholders across the food production chain, must underpin food regulatory decisions to promote robust food control systems for the benefit of consumers and economies globally.

Prof. Samuel Godefroy